How it Works:                                                                                                                                                                               

1. Bowl 3 games

2.Handicap 90% of 220.  Bowlers use High book average from 2016-2017 season.  If no average exists bowler will use high book from the last 2 years, if no average exists bowler may use current 21+ game verifiable league average.  If no average exists bowler will bowl scratch.

3. Bowlers may enter High Game  scratch and/or handicap sidepot for additional fee $3 each.

4. Bowler shooting for a money frame will inform tournament official before shooting frame.

5. All score changes will be made by tournament official.

6. Remaining Jackpot Fund held for next event in tournament series. If jackpot is not won during last event all bowlers that have bowled in atleast 50% of tournaments will be given a raffle ticket. Tickets will be randomly drawn for a chance to win remaining cash.  There will be a series of trick shots determined by tournament director, first one to accomplish a trick shot wins jackpot!

7. Tournament series will be 6 sessions.  Tournaments to be held every 2 weeks with tournament dates of Nov. 5, Nov. 19, Dec. 3, Dec 17, Jan 14, Jan 28.  , No bowling Dec. 31

8. The male and female with the highest number of  1st place wins in the tournament series will receive a free entry on the last event.

  • 25$: 25
  • 30$: 30

"Bowl for Silver" Online Entry Prepay

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